Long time no see

It was a long time since I wrote here. Long days at work and lack of energy is the excuse.

I have lots of fun things to show you, but it have to wait for another day. Early day tomorrow. I have to get up at 5 am. And Im not a morning person! 5 is not a time to get out of bed - it is time to go to bed!

Anyway. I have the opportunity to be able to try out a nice flavour. I want to try them all! But I start with Tikka Masala, my favorite among indian food. Yummy! Kelda exotic sauce. I applied here.

Well see you later. I have to get ready for bed.

Work, work, work and Ikea

I have been working for two weeks now. How on earth can I be so tired? It's not that I have a hard work!?

Anyway. We went to Ikea to buy some shelfs for Baby E:s warderob. He needs it! And our new bathroom cabinet have arrived! It lies in our living room and just waiting for us to have the time to put it where it should be.

A dear friend of mine is visiting me this weekend. Long time no see! She is bringing a birthday gift for Baby E. ( I know what it is!! ) I show you later, but Im sure Baby E is going to love it!

We have a birthday party to attend. A friend of Baby E turned 1 year old this week. We have bought a nice gift for him. I will show you later. (I cant show you now if Baby O is reading the blog. *joking*)

See you later!

Im tired

This is my second week at work. It feel real good to be back, but gosh Im tired!

Baby E is fine. He have two small rice grain in his upper jaw. He is standing up almost all the time and he walks 10 steps, falls on his bump and gets up. I must say that it feels a bit strange not to be at home and be with him and see the progress, but I get MMS from J.

Tomorrow is a day off so we are going to throw away some junk. Good to get rid of it!

1st birtday party ever.

August 6 th 2011 was Baby E:s first birhday party ever. We had cake and icecream.
He got lots of presents! I can only show you some of them.

He got books, a cd, clothes, money, toys and a jigzaw.








A day at work

After 14 month, Im back at work. Easy? Fun? Easy, well... Im very tired when I get home. And very fun to do something else. But I do miss my baby, but I know he's in good hands with his father.

1 year old boy

Today it is a huge day. Baby E is turning one! Has it already gone a year? It feels like it was yesterday I came home with a baby boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Now, he can walk on his own, he can say mamma (mommy) and "a de" wich means "what is that?". I guess he ask that because we always ask him that and points at stuff. Im sure ha ask us many things, and tells us many things but we dont understand him.

My cute baby is not a baby anymore. He is a boy. With long blonde hair and blue eyes. When he wakes up in the morning and I come into the room, a biig smile on his face.

Hipp Hipp Hurray for Baby E!

A trip to the north of Sweden

On our way to Suorva and Stora Sjöfallet in the north of Sweden.

Stora sjöfallet is a national park in Sweden.



The "Twins"


After a long walk we came to this place. Peaceful, right? There we made up a fire and made us coffee and souvas.

Cornelis Vreeswijk

Nice evening

We started to demolish our sandbox on saturday. The previous owner to this house had a sandbox in the back yard. We didnt want to keep that so we trashed it! Woohoo! Hard work I tell you! When we had taken away the wooden frame it was time to fill up the pit with dirt and put grass seeds there. We watered it and now the only thing we can do is to wait and see how the grass grow. (haha Im a funny girl!)

We ate the sunday dinner at some friends place. For apetizer we got shrimps on bread. Very tasty! mmmmm (mmm marabou). For main course : quinoa, tomatoes from the owen and fried halloumi cheese (goat cheese, good for frying - made in cypus). Mmmmm so tasty.

After that we just sat and talked. A very nice evening!

Now we have to hurry. We have lots of things to do as we are going on vacation on wedsday.

See you later!


Yesterday we went to J:s work to grill. We went home early because we had an appointment with a guy that sells windows. We want to change the windows on the bottom floor before the winter so now we have had lots of appointments with companies that sells windows to check out how much it will cost.

Today I have to do some laundry and cleaning. Baby E is fine and he is babbling all day long. He got two theeth in both upper and lower jaw. Guess if he can bite?
It's nice when he takes a nap, because then I can get some time infront of the pc. I have lots of phonecalls to make today and some papers to write.

This morning was grey and it rained, now it is pretty sunny and the day looks like its gonna be a nice day. Maybe a trip to a playground. We'll see.

Take care!

Take a walk!

A called a friend yesterday to hear if she wanted to do something. She wanted to take a long walk. So, we met up and walked from where I live to Beckomberga, along the airfield down to Brommaplan. As we walked by the airfield I sa a little snake and said to my friend " oh, look a little snake". And she was gone! Oh my she ran. When she stopped and I caught up with her she told me she was afraid of snakes. Got to remember that, as I love snakes!

Did somebody say a long walk? I didnt have a pedometer with me I have no clue how far we walked, but for sure it was a looong walk. We should do that more often.

Today I have been to Baby E:s nurse just to check up the weight and tomorrow we have an appointment with the dietician to talk about how we should introuce milk to Baby E.

Monday again

Mondays? Who love them?

How to spend a hot day

When it's hot - you spend the day at the beach or beside a pool. And if you are a baby, you better have a suit. We spend our friday at Kampementsbadet with F and Baby O.


Afterwards it's nice with a cracker



funny pictures - Catnip dealer raid  iz sucessfull

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A day in the park

Yesterday we was with J:s workteam and ate grilled hamburgers and sausages. It was very nice and Baby E loved the kids that was there. We went home before the rest of the team started to play rounders.

Today we spent the day in Blackebergs park, open pre-school grilled sausages. First there was a singing in the sandbox and after that we grilled. Babe E ate a whole sausage! He was so busy looking at all the kids that was running around that when we got home he was very tired. It was nice and sunny so we waded in the pool, Baby E had no swimmingpants so we couldnt sit in the pool.

If it's a warm sunny day tomorrow we might go to Nälsta swimming area to lie in the pool and if its a cloudy day we go to 4H nearby us.

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